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Launch of IMG 28

While 2020 has been a different year for all, it has also generated a lot of interest and time for people to head out to the water ever since the lockdown rules have been lifted.

It also coincided perfectly with the launch of the IMG 28, which brings with the best features that this Dubai based boat yard is known for in a small and powerful size, thus disrupting the market with its 28 feet length overall.

The boat has a capability of reaching 57 knots with the maximum twin 225 HP engines that can adorn its transom.

A large list of standard features allows buyer’s to use the boat for its main purpose – getting as fast as possible to your favorite fishing spot.

The boat has a great balance and despite its light weight it keeps stable through the roughest and toughest of seas.

The typical bow flare makes it feel like a much larger boat when viewed from affront. The beam of 9 feet is also very generous and allows easy moving around deck when there are a few people onboard indulging in their favorite fishing activity.

One of the best advantages is obviously that the boat can be easily towed to a marina and then brought back to home on a trailer without worrying about marina parking and other such encumbrances.

Available in a multitude of colors and also with a good list of options, the IMG 28 has already started to sell well and is sure to be a power-packed dynamite in the seas around the world.


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