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IMG Boats at the 2024 Dubai International Boat Show

IMG Boats was among the prominent exhibitors at this year's Dubai International Boat Show, held from 28 February to 3 March at Dubai Harbour. The company showcased a selection from its luxury fleet, attracting attention from industry professionals and boating enthusiasts alike.

Among the highlights was the display of the IMG 54 yacht, a model renowned for its elegant design and advanced features. This yacht, along with other models from IMG Boats, exemplified the company's commitment to quality and innovation in maritime engineering.

The event served as an excellent platform for networking and showcasing the latest in yacht design, while also allowing IMG Boats to engage directly with its clientele and industry peers.

With the conclusion of this year's show, attention now turns to future events and the ongoing evolution of the marine industry. For those interested in revisiting the highlights of this year's show or who were unable to attend, IMG Boats has made a gallery available online, featuring images from their exhibition space.

For more details and to view the gallery, please visit IMG Boats’ gallery for DIBS 2024.

IMG Boats looks forward to continued innovation and to welcoming visitors at next year's Dubai International Boat Show. Join us to explore the latest in luxury yachting.


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